We use the power of inclusive games, sports and creative arts to achieve the four sustainable development goals.


Who we are?

Ability Sports Africa (ASA) is a nonprofit grass root organization based in Uganda, with CBO registration No 088 and Company Ltd by guarantee Reg No: 80034001312699,  the organisation uses adaptive games, sports and creative arts as a platform for social inclusion in Sports, advocacy on disability rights, health rights  and social well being of children and youth with disabilities in schools and communities within Uganda. 

The organization uses a unique approach of Reverse Inclusion were children and youth with disabilities are empowered to take full responsibilities to initiate and conduct inclusive activities such as sports, adaptive games, plays and creative arts where they involve non-disabled peers in their daily activities .

 The concept helps them to gain confidence, self-esteem, and social inclusion through the power of adaptive games and sports hence developing their physical and mental health, and social well being to enable them live to their full potential within their schools and communities which is free from societal stigma and discrimination


Highlights of ASA Activities 2023

We are grateful to all our supporters for the great milestone reached in the year 2023 the followings were our achievements in sports for social change. 

1. Supported 80 children with disabilities from 3 inclusive primary schools with scholastic materials such Braille papers, slates and stylus, for 28 blind children, books, mathematical sets and pens to 30 deaf children and 22 children with other forms of disabilities. This was a success through partnership with ROTARY CLUB OF KIGO KAMPALA.

2. Successful kicked started the ASA JUNIOR PREMIER LEAGUE in March 2023 and completed two different seasons, we have witnessed an increase of children in the league from 160 to 260 children who enjoyed football games with thier deaf peers.  

3. Successfully trained 20 new games and sports coaches in adaptive games and sports, increasing the number of trained coaches to 60 (35 Male 25 Female) these was possible through funding support from Save the children international.

4. We hosted the National Deaf challenge cup attracting over 13 deaf football teams from 8 Districts within Uganda this activity was done in collaboration with Uganda Deaf football Association through funding support from Uganda Communication Commission (UCC)

5. Weekly training for 560 children with disabilities in schools and communities with focus on sports like deaf football, boccia games, goal ball, blind football, showdown, football, wheelchair basketball,  Deaf Basketball, inclusive games and para athletic. 

6. Signed MoU with 10 more schools to implement our inclusive sports program in rural communities of Gulu District. 

8. 5 players from our Gulu Wheelchair Basketball club represented Uganda 🇺🇬 in the first paralympic games in Ghana, Uganda was ranked 8 in Africa. 

9. Nominated  for the African sports impact award as finalist in the category of Sports for Inclusion but did not make it as a winner, we are grateful for the recognition.

10. We won the first national blind football championship held in Kampala, Gulu blind cyclone

11. Offered refresher training for 40 games and sports teachers from 20 primary schools from Gulu Amuru. 

Impact of our work since 2019.

1. 60 games and sports teachers trained on skills of Inclusive adaptive games and sports from two district Amuru and Gulu. 

2. Reached out to 560 (360 Male, 200 Female) children with different forms of disabilities who are enjoying a variety of adaptive sports .

3. Created the first deaf Basketball team in Uganda in the year 2020 based in Gulu.

4. Increased enrollment of children with disabilities in school from 200 to over 1000 children in past 4 years.

5. Raised awareness through our sports festivals and gala on inclusion and the discrimination stigma CWDs face from our community. 

6. CWDs have reported increase involvement in sports within school and community activities.

7. Children and youth with disabilities reported increased self esteem,  confidence and social well being within  schools and communities . 

8. Created the first football league for vulnerable children within our community of Gulu, over 250 children engage in a weekly football games. 

8. Working in partnership with 4 organisations to support our work,  Back Up Uganda, Nyero Foundation, Rotary club of kigo, kumalo sports. 

9. Working in 20 primary schools within Gulu city and rural schools of Gulu.

What we stand for?

To empower individuals of all abilities by building their self-esteem, efficacy and life time skills through sports, creative arts and physical literacy programs both in schools and communities.

An inclusive community where children and youth with different abilities are fully included in physical literacy, adaptive sports, Games and Creative arts

On going activities

Upcoming ASA activities

    1. ASA Junior Premier League new season to start in February 2024

    2. Skills training for youth with disabilities to gain decent self employment through the power of sports for good.

    3. Provision of scholastic materials to children with disabilities in February 18th 2024

    4. Formation and launch of the first inclusive Athletic Club known as Falcon Athletic Club to help develop both athletes with and without disabilities.

    5. Weekly sports training for children with disabilities in schools and communities in March 2024.

    6. Inclusion festival 2nd edition scheduled for March 6th 2024 at stadium 🏟

    7. Support the district in the para athletic games for primary schools scheduled for April and May 2024

    8. Organise disability inclusive sports gala for primary school for children with disabilities in June 2024.

    9. Organize the National Deaf challenge cup 2024 in partnership with Uganda Deaf football Association

    10. Participate in the national paralympic games scheduled for 20th September 2024 in Mbale

    11. Organize the first basketball league for both wheelchair and stand basketball in October. 

    12. Organize community dialogue and debate in schools for and communities around the school on attitudes towards inclusion.

    13. Organize the 3rd edition of the inclusion festivals aimed at raising awareness on disability and inclusion.

Volunteer with us to support our Goals

Volunteer Opportunity 
We offer international volunteering opportunities to passionate social change individuals who would want to experience, learn and share their expertise in areas of :-

1. Inclusive sports for children with disabilities. 

2. Community grassroot football program (Asa junior premier league) sports for development program. 

3. Inclusive education and Health (Therapy, Reproductive Health) program for children with disabilities. 

4. Home care support and training’s to parent with cerebral palsy children within rural communities in Northern Uganda 🇺🇬 

5. Monitoring and Evalution.

Feel free to contact us for more info @ info@abilitysportsafrica.org 📧 


Wheelchair basketball for youth with physical disability in Uganda -A picture taken during the 2023 national para games in Arua.

Media Coverage of ASA activities .

ASA grassroot football program giving opportunity to 250 children from rural communities within Gulu to enjoy football, through the program we offer mentorship trainings, awards, life skills training and adventure etc.

Latest News......

Champions 2023 of Blind Football
Gulu Cyclone Blind Football Team

A weeks training has proven to be a big success for the boys, we introduced blind football through support from Bazil and coach Okello, The team beat Makerere University 6-0, Soroti 3-2, Red Angels 5-2
The best player from the tournament and the top scorer with 14 goals in 4 matches is Watmond Daniel from Gulu (insert above) a huge achievement by the boys.
Click the link to read more

Weekly trainings for CWDs in schools and communities-2024

Every new school term children with disabilities are all excited to get back to school the motivation factor behind this is the different inclusive games and creative arts introduce to them, these games are team building games that fosters inclusion for all children in school regardless of their impairments. Over 230 school going children are actively involved in sports and games and this has contributed to their social well-being and improve achievements in the education.
You can be part of us to achieve the sustainable development goals 4 & 8 by donating and partnering with us.

ASA Junior Premier League 2024

This year the number of children has increased from 250 to 300 children in the league, the league gives opportunity for children with and without disabilities within communities in Gulu City to engage in a weekly football, we are grateful for donations from FC Lakeside, Ordinary Heroes Nyero foundation and Liam Opiyo Business UK towards the development of football for Good in Uganda.

Capacity Building training for games and sports teachers in inclusive games -2024

Save the Children International has given ASA the contract to train a total of 60 games and sports teachers from 30 primary schools under the project within Gulu and Amuru Districts in the project of together for inclusion (TOFI) The project has helped in building capacity of games and sports teachers with skills of adapting games and physical literacy activities to suit the ability of the child during physical education time and sports activities .

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