Who we are?

Ability Sports Africa (ASA) is a nonprofit grass root organization based in Gulu Uganda, that uses adaptive sports and creative arts as a platform for social inclusion, and advocacy to increase children and youth Presents, Participation and Achievements (PPA) in school and community activities/learnings, through the power of sports, ASA also focuses on rehabilitation and economic empowerment for parents with disabled children and youth with disabilities to live a dignified life. 

The organization uses a unique approach of Reverse Inclusion were children and youth with disabilities are empowered to take full responsibilities to initiate and conduct inclusive activities such as sports, creative arts and educational related activities where they involve non-disabled peers in their programs. These helps them to gain confidence, and the lost self-esteem, hence developing their physical and mental health, to enable them live to their full potential within their schools and communities which is free from societal stigma and discrimination.

Highlights of ASA Activities 2023


 ASA home visit is one of the core activities to restore hope in the lives of children with disabilities this activity has supported over 100 families more especially mothers with food relief, life skill, care, skills training, referrals to service delivery and assistive devices for their children, This activity has been funded by community members, stakeholders and Board of ASA, Through this activity we have changed the mindset and attitudes of people towards people with disabilities more especially children and youth,   Read more 


 This is a community-based initiative introduced by Ability Sports Africa (ASA) in collaboration with different community academies, to create a platform for under privilege children (boys and Girls) who are deprived from their rights to play football, Netball, basketball and wheelchair basketball. These children comes from rural communities in Uganda, currently we are piloting this league in Gulu District. the league is a big platform for all children regardless of their disability for all age categories (U6, U8 & U13) to socialize, interact, showcase, nature and develop talents through the power of sports. The leagues are targeting 350 children with and without disabilities to enjoy football, Netball and wheelchair basketball within Gulu a region. To watch click here 

International Disability Day (IDD) Fundraising Inclusive festival 3rd December 2022
ASA Concept of reverse inclusion was tested through our advocacy activities aimed at showcasing the different activities conducted by ASA and Backup Uganda. This event was hosted at Gulu District Union for People with Disabilities on the 3 of Dec 2022, A total of 8 Partners  sponsored the event  to make this memorable day in the lives of children with Disabilities. 
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Vision and Mission Statement

To empower individuals of all abilities by building their self-esteem, efficacy and life time skills through sports, creative arts and physical literacy programs both in schools and communities.

An inclusive community where children and youth with different abilities are fully included in physical literacy, adaptive sports, Games and Creative arts

On going activities

Weekly Adaptive Sports and games Training for CWDs in schools. (Gulu Primary, Prison Primary, St jude primary, Thumps up primary and Laroo primary........ 2023

Weekly games and sports competitions 2023, ASA Junior Premier League for children with and without disabilities in the community.

Upcoming ASA activities

  1. ASA Newsletter 2023 5th April. 

  2. Interschool Para-Athletics competition for Primary school children -2023 April. 

  3. Training 20 teachers and coaches on Adaptive games and sports in Gulu and Amuru District in partnership with Save the Children International. April to May 2023.  

  4. Fundraising for ASA Online fundraising for ASA planned activities for 2023, 15th April 2023.



Media Coverage of ASA activities .

Provision of Scholastic Materials in Partnership with Rotary Club of Kigo. 

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