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We are a registered community based organization in Uganda with registration number CDR/804B, we use sports as a platform for social inclusion, through advocacy and creating awareness on disability to the general community.

We foster reverse inclusion where  children and youth with disabilities are given opportunity to take full responsibilities to include their peers in different sporting and creative arts activities to enhance their social well being, talent development, physical and mental health development.

We are creating social change through sports, we believe that if an individual or a team experiences how is like to sit on a wheelchair and play wheelchair basketball, wheelchair cycling or play games for the blind like goal ball, showdown when they are blind folded,   they will  develop empathy to replace the pity, develop positive attitudes to replace the cultural and superstitious believes towards disability hence reducing societal stigma and systematic discrimination.


An inclusive community where children and youth with disabilities are actively involved in economic, health, livelihood and social well being through sports and creative arts.


To empower individuals of all abilities by building their self-confidence, self-esteem, efficacy and lifetime skills through sports, recreation, social well being and physical literacy program.


Advocacy and Awareness Programs

We organize inclusive sports festival, documentaries, home visits and social media campaigns, we we conduct mass media campaigns with the motto “my ability is what defines me”. The key messages targets parents/caregivers, youth/children with and without disabilities and community leaders to promote equal participation in sports and creative arts for example music, dance, drama drawing and painting  regardless of once disability.

Ability in disability -Training of 15 Trainers in Adaptive Sports and sign language

We generously thank the Swiss company through Swiss kanthari Foundation for the grant to train 15 coaches and teachers from  inclusive primary, secondary schools, and community clubs  in Gulu District,  We will train them to become trainers in physical literacy and  adaptive sports  with this we hope to achieve one of our goals of an inclusive participation of children and youth with disabilities in sports and physical literacy

We strive to promote adaptive sports, creative arts, advocacy and mainstreaming disability sports to help our children with disabilities more especially girls to gain confidence, self-esteem and self effectiveness  to leave their full potential and gain dignity for life.

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Weekly training in schools and community

 Through our inclusive daily after class trainings , we empower our children with disabilities to take full responsibilities to involve non disabled peers in their adaptive games and creative activities.  

The different adaptive games we engage our children

Wheelchair basketball,sitting volleyball (physical),Wheelchair Tennis (physical), goal ball for the blind, showdown for the blind, padding, swimming, table tennis, archery, wheelchair racing (cycling),amputee soccer, football (deaf, girls, boys), handball, netball, pool, basketball (deaf), volleyball,tennis,athletics and kite



Physical Literacy

Physical literacy is the motivation an individual has that leads one to become physically competent, enduring, and confident. It also demonstrates knowledge about one’s own physical and mental health. To be physically literate means that you own your well-being through life. We give opportunity to children with disabilities to gain self reliance/daily leaving skills of wheeling, dressing, washing, playing and interacting.

Physical literacy gives opportunity to our children to  be able to.  Throw an object, hope/jump, run/wheeling, catch/grab and kicking/shooting basing on these activities we shall clearly know what type of games a disabled child can play.

Sign Language training for Trainers/Teachers and coaches

Sign language training for 15 teachers and sports coaches is one of the measures of creating an inclusive sports for children with hearing impairment, bridging the gap communication.

We believe that through this training children with hearing impairment in Gulu Districts  will be fully included sports and creative arts.

Media Message

We are implementing the project of an Inclusive sports for girls with disabilities in Uganda, currently we are training a total of 15 coaches/ teachers in adaptive sports, physical literacy and sign language

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