Success Stories

OCIRA RICHARD who is 26 year old physically disabled, he was identified as an active sports man in 2010 in a sports project implemented in Gulu Ocira fell in love with wheelchair basketball even though he was not a wheel chair user his love for the game made him a professional in wheeling he gained different skills, confidence and abilities over the years and so far he is the best in wheelchair basketball winning 5 National trophies in 7 years. Ocira moved to the next level of individual sports that is wheelchair racing these has given him opportunity to showcase his abilities by winning the MTN marathon in 2016, 2018, runner up in 2017 and was the only African athletes who participated in Germany the Berlin wheelchair marathon in 2018 it was his first time to travel out side Africa, he was 31st out of 38 which is a great result for a beginner, through sport his capacity was build, he gained confidence in himself, self-esteem and efficacy, sports has made him travel to countries he never imagine he could reach, he made friends with other disabled athletes, he leaned how other countries value the abilities of PWDs and all these has encouraged him to see sports as his destiny we hope to see him in the 2020 Dubai marathon.

Acayo Brenda is 8 year old girl with disability (cerebral Palsy). She uses a wheelchair as an assistive device for her mobility, she faced discrimination from her peers, while at school she was not included in any form of physical activities. Teachers did not have any knowledge and skills on adaptive sports and physical literacy that can create inclusion at school.

In 2017 when we introduced our physical literacy and adaptive sports at the school she got the life time opportunity to explore her ability on variety of sports, games and leisure activities, she had low self esteem and low self confidence to actively participate in the physical literacy which test the child ability to throw, wheel, jump, run, catch and kick. Due to over protection from her parents she became more dependent on family to help push her wheelchair, as soon as we started involving her in the physical literacy she gained her self esteem and self confidence. After just two months of her involvement in sports and games she had developed her efficacy and now can wheel her wheelchair without any support from anyone and she is much more independent