Physical literacy at School Level

Physical literacy is the motivation an individual has that leads one to become physically competent, enduring, and confident. It also demonstrates knowledge about one’s own physical and mental health. To be physically literate means that you own your well-being through life. We give opportunity to children with disabilities to gain self reliance/daily leaving skills of wheeling, dressing, washing, playing and interacting.  Physical literacy gives opportunity to our children to  be able to  throw an object, hope/jump, run/wheeling, catch/grab and kicking/shooting basing on these activities we shall clearly know what type of games a disabled child can play.

Donation of Reusable pads to Deaf girls

Nyero Foundation and Pass a pad Uganda donated 60 reusable sanitary pads for 15 Ability Sports deaf basketball team players, which is the first deaf basketball team in Uganda, the girls can now play without any obstacle, This has boosted their full participation in sports. and we are really grateful for the donation towards increasing equal participation of girls with disability in Uganda.

Weekly training & Mini competitions in schools, community and refugee settlements

We empower persons with disabilities to take full responsibilities to involve non disabled peers in their daily sporting and physical literacy activities. ASA organizes  one festival and competition every year (The Challenge Cup and Adaptive Sports festivals),  We do engage our beneficiaries in the following adaptive games Wheelchair basketball,sitting volleyball (physical),Wheelchair Tennis (physical), goal ball for the blind, showdown for the blind, padding, swimming, table tennis, archery, wheelchair racing (cycling),amputee soccer, football (deaf, girls, boys), handball, netball, pool, basketball (deaf), volleyball,tennis,athletics and Creative arts activities such as music dance and drama.

Sign language training for teachers in schools

How do you feel, if you experience communication barriers? Well we are bridging the gaps of communication through sign language training for 15 teachers and sports coaches, This is one of the measures of creating an inclusive sports for children with hearing impairment, to bridge the gap of communication. We believe that through this training children with hearing impairment in Uganda will be fully included in sports and recreation activities.


Training of trainers in adaptive sports skills and physical literacy.

We are grateful to  Swiss kanthari Foundation for the funding support to train 15 coaches and teachers from 6 inclusive primary schools, and community clubs  within Gulu District, to engage 100 deaf girls in physical literacy and  adaptive sports with this grant, we hope to achieve one of our goals of empowering girls with hearing impairment. We strive to promote adaptive sports, creative arts, advocacy and mainstreaming disability sports to help our children with disabilities more especially girls to gain confidence, self-esteem and self effectiveness  to leave to their full potential and gain dignity for life.