ASA operates on a yearly budget of approximately $10,000 with emphasis on partnership and collaboration in order to achieve the organization goals and objectives.
Our social media and contact Our social media and contact Website; www.abilitysportsafrica.org Facebook @ Ability Sports Africa Twitter: abilitysports2 Instagram: abilitysportsafrica Email: info@abilitysportsafrica.org Phone: +256771487566 +256700319116

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ASA has reached a total of 560 children with disabilities both in schools and communities around Gulu City, Gulu and Amuru District, these children benefited from various activities implemented by the organization such as provision of scholastic materials to 120 CWDs, Inclusive adaptive weekly sports to 260 CWDs from schools and communities,

2023 Activity Updates
Date: 20th February 2023: Provision of Scholastic Materials to CWDs -Rotary club of Kigo
February 20th 2023 Rotaract club of kigo in formation together with Rotary club of Kigo entered into a long term partnership with Ability Sports Africa to support the organization components of scholastic materials for children with disabilities in three primary schools within Gulu City ( Laroo Primary school (Deaf Annex), Gulu primary school (Blind annex) and Thumps up Academy (All disabilities categories) through this activity a total of 70 children were supported with scholastic material 28 children with visual impairment received brail papers, 6 hand frames (Stylus and stylus) books and pens to 42 children with hearing impairments and physical disability.



Weekly training for adaptive games and sports for Children with disabilities.
Date: 03-March 2023: Started the weekly training seasons in schools
We were very excited for the re-opening of the new school calendar in February since the closer of school in November 26th 2023 due to Ebola Outbreak in Uganda, many children with disabilities do not live an active life style while at home and adaptive games and sports does not play a role in their lives, often most of them get excited when school’s reopens, new learners are enrolled to the different schools, always this is the time for ASA to introduce them to the different inclusive adaptive games and physical literacy, through this children are given a platform for Children with disabilities and their peers to remain physically literate while they enjoy the different adaptive games in school.
We have renewed our working relationship with four schools that is Thumps Up Academy, Gulu Prison, St Jude primary, Gulu primary and Laroo primary school.

ASA JUNIOR PREMIER LEAGUE-Grassroot football program for children with and without disabilities in Gulu Uganda. 
3rd Jan 2023 Kick started the ASA junior premier league season 2022-2023.
Children enjoying football on a bare ground before shifting to the main stadium.
ASA Junior Premier League is one of the most successful grass root activities initiated by the organization to reduce inequality, discrimination and stigma among children with and without disabilities in the communities of Gulu, over the past years there has been increased numbers of street kids in the region which has become a big obstacle to development, ASA believes in the power of sports in rehabilitating, training and mentoring CWDs At total 180 children are actively involved in the league 23 girls age 12 and below are participating, 18 Deaf boys and 139 children without disabilities age 6 to 15 years.
Parents contribution towards the running of the league was 680,000/= every child who participates in the league, the expected contribution from parents was 2,400,000/= for the 20 weeks of participation. There are parents who supported in kind through buying ball and some offered to volunteer etc.
A total of 10 coaches are supporting the league, their responsibilities and roles are to officiate the games organize and coach the children, support the different children facing challenges in coping up with their games, they support in setting up the play areas, and safety of the organization assets.

6th February 2023: Follow-Up support on production of Menstrual Hygiene sanitary pads production in 3 schools.

Sharon ASA volunteer supporting deaf girls at Laroo primary school
ASA launched this activity last years in November where girls where trained with the skills of making sanitary pads, this was made possible through a successful online fundraising (700 USD) was raised to train 35 girls across three schools in the skills of making reusable sanitary pads, including 16 girls with disabilities. During the training session, each girl made 3 pads, resulting in approximately 100 pads produced in this first round – more pads will be produced in the coming months. To get an impression of the activities, see a short video here (https://youtu.be/6GqJOZh_Ums) and here (https://youtu.be/zlD1G5BqsEc ) (for 2 out of the 3 schools). Through this initiative we managed to establish 3 menstrual hygiene clubs; one per school, which has been supporting in creating awareness on menstrual hygiene, producing 900 more reusable pads to support their fellow pupils, and to offer guidance to their peers.


4th June 2023, ASA Junior Premier League end of season 2022-2023 awards and ceremony.

Winners of the 2022-23 season U14 celebrating their trophy (Ability Sports FC) ASA junior premier league after 20 weeks of active football games played for children age 8 to 15 years at the main stadium came to the final day on 4th June 2023, ASA invited parents, political leaders, local leaders, sports officers, media houses and community members to come and grace the occasion, A total of 115 community members including 20 parents were in attendance. The teams that won the leagues for U8 and U14 where The Elephants FC for U8 and Ability sports FC for U14 with 30 points. A total of 35 medals where awarded to the different individuals basing on their performance, the winning team received 14 medals, best players, best goal keepers and player of the season for both U8 and U14 The new season 2023 will start on the 2nd July 2023, we intend to identify partners and sponsors who would be of a great support to the league, sponsors will be given slots as teams will be named according to their brand names, this will expose the good work they are doing towards empowerment of children with and without disabilities in Gulu.

Leaders available was the woman MP for Gulu City Hon Betty Aol Ochan who is also following the work of ability sports Africa on facebook and twitter she donated 2 footballs and 2 volleyballs. CAPACITY BUILDING TRAINING FOR


Capacity Building training for 20 Games and Sports teachers from Gulu and  Amuru District. 

June  2023_Capacity building training for teachers in Gulu District. picture of games and sports teachers receiving their training at Ajulu Primary School. ASA has been contracted by Save the Children international to build capacity of teachers in their new 10 schools within Gulu and Amuru Districts, on inclusive adaptive games and sports to improve on the teacher’s capacity to handle children with disabilities when it comes to games and sports while in school, a total of 10 teachers from Gulu schools where successfully trained on 17th and 18th June 2023 and 10 more from Amuru where trained on 2&3 July 2023 and they will roll out the trainings to others teachers within their schools. ASA team will continue with the roll out of the games and sports to learners within the 30 schools in Gulu and Amuru District through support from Save the children, we also plan to do a refreshers training to teachers in the previous schools, organize interschool competition etc.

ASA JUNIOR PREMIER LEAGUE 2023  Start of new season 

16th July 2023 marked the start of new season for the ASA Junior premier league, we have witnessed an increase in the number of participants from 115 in the past season to 2023, a total of 210 (10 Female 200 Male) have joined the league for the new season. Children celebrating the start of the ASA junior premier league. ASA uses the league to create awareness on mental health, disability and offer life skills to the children, many children have change their lifestyle and discipline both at home and on pitch, many parents have testified witnessing change in the lives of their children. BASKETBALL FOR CHILDREN U8-U14 -2023 On the 15th June 2023 ASA Introduced basketball to children both in school and communities around Gulu city, after a successful introduction of football to children in the we realized that there is a section of children who are interested other game such as basketball, deaf basketball and wheelchair basketball. A total of 45 children (20 Girls 25 Boys) all registered under basketball program under the academy development, we plan to train this junior for a period of 6 months, will be engaging them in different junior competitions.

Community Basketball Program – April  2023.
Children enjoying basketball training pece primary school. DONATIONS. Received sports items from Ordinary Heroes UK in April 2023, The organization director’s crag and the wife have been a very close partner to ASA, they supported the organization initiative of livelihood support during the 2020-2021 covid-19 support. Tim hooper a tennis player in the US and also a PE teachers was pleased with the great work of ASA he donated 100 USD to buy 6 balls to support the ASA junior premier league, Derick a friend to ASA a body builder based in China Donated 10 balls to the young children in ASA community academy. On the 4th June 2023 ASA received four brand new balls (2 footballs and 2 Netballs) from woman member of parliament of Gulu to support the organization activities. Ordinary Heroes donated 6 sets of used football and sports uniforms and 12 pairs of football playing boots for children age 6-12, donated 5 new balls to support the Junior league. On 17th we received 2 brand new select balls from our close partner Hashtag Gulu, the balls where received by Musema Faruk from Hashtag Gulu office.

 We have a working relationship with HELP Uganda, Back Up Uganda and stills in a process of having a working agreement with Save the Children, organization Capacity assessment done.
 Successfully Started adaptive sports activities in schools with Gulu City.
 Successfully trained more 20 teachers from 10 schools within Gulu and Amuru District on adaptive games and sports activities.
 We employed one office admin who is supporting ASA administrative work and ensuring that our office is open.
 Thumps up Academy offered ASA an office space in their school which is located Bardege division Gulu City, the office space needs some renovation work like painting and cabling electricity in the structure.
 We managed to introduce adaptive games and sports to a school in Lango sub region Dokolo District, teachers from those schools where fully trained.
 ASA together with Uganda national deaf football Association is hosting the National deaf football tournament slated for September 6-9th 2023, we had our first inception meeting and we plan are on our way to host this great activity.
 Attended OPD coordination meeting for organization that works for persons with disabilities in Northern Uganda.
 Successfully registered ASA as a Limited company by guarantee without shared capital in April 2023.
 Peace corps Uganda assessed the organization capacity to bring international volunteers to work with us in areas of health and sports.
 Scholastic materials delivered to the different schools where not enough many children were left out.
 Sports equipment’s like football, basketballs, boccia balls, netballs and sports uniforms are not enough for the children participating in ASA’s activities.
 Challenges of funds to support ASA volunteer stipend and facilitations for the games and sports teachers in schools supporting the role out of weekly sports for the children.
 The basketball courts need painting and it does not have the post and we don’t have kits for the
 ASA office was broken into computers stolen, 13 brand new donated footballs, 4 Basketballs stolen, 3 sets of brand new uniforms stolen.
 Get local partners to support the ASA Junior league through sponsorships (uniforms and playing equipment’s).
 To start the basketball Academy which will be handled by cissy Akello, parents will contribute towards this to help raise funds for renovation of the court.
 To initiated ASA online fundraising to support the different activities on the ASA work plan.
 To support the registration of the organization as an NGO.